Frog and Snail Salt Cellar


Frog and Snail Salt Cellar

Frog and Snail Salt Cellar. Hand made in England by a master silversmith, this unusual piece with it's meticulous attention to detail is the signature of this craftsman. The frog and snail open salt cellar is a copy of an original. The inner shell is gilded to protect the silver. “Pass the salt” will never be the same again and this salt set will always be the talk of the table. There are 2 finishes for you to choose from: Fully hallmarked sterling silver or silver plate. Presentation boxed. Size L: 4” / 10cms. Weight: 440g

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    Posted by Jailen on 14th Dec 2014

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    Posted by Jorja on 12th Dec 2014

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  3. Unlike everyone here

    Posted by Nikhil on 11th Dec 2014

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